U Classes

Yoga Designed for U

At The U Yoga, we offer many traditional and non-traditional yoga classes, all of which have been designed to be all inclusive for a fit mind and body. Unless otherwise specified, all of our classes are taught in approximately 95 degree heat with humidity. Our ventilation system allows for air movement and provides an environment best suited for deep muscle release.


U-Hatha Fusion is a stationary, meditative practice evolving from "the hot 26” posture series. Basic flow-like sequences have been added in between various poses to deepen one’s awareness. This mixed style of “flowing" and “holding” postures will build strong foundations in alignment, balance, flexibility and strength. It is a great first, second and ongoing step toward developing a solid yoga practice. All levels 1-2-3


U-Flow is a well-balanced, mindful Yoga class. The program is designed to take you deeper into your Yoga practice, exploring the polarities of movement and stillness, mindfulness and strength. The flowing postures link movement and breath creating mobility and balance. A great second step to your Hatha yoga practice and an ongoing step for personal growth and development. Mixed Level 2-3. Not recommended for beginners


Experience the YIN cool/calm energy that balances our high-energy daily routines. The postures performed during the YIN practice are alignment based, targeting the connective tissues of the body. Through the use of props, blankets and bolsters, practitioners will gain mobility by opening joint space and help to relax and release muscle tension. YIN Yoga is a meditative styled yoga that allows the mind to clear, the body to unwind and the spirit to renew. All levels 1-2-3 Temperature = NO HEAT


Is unique to UYOGA and one of our signature branded classes. It is designed to educate and bring awareness to the participant's posture and core muscle groups on and off the mat! This fusion class of yoga, Pilates and traditional fitness exercises specifically target the stabilizers of the spine, improve flexibility and correct muscle imbalances. U-Core is the foundational step upon which all other forms of exercise, such as strength training and cardio-respiratory workouts can be built. This class will utilize specialized props in order to properly develop the muscle stabilizers. All levels 1-2-3

U-YOGA 101

Non Heated In U-YOGA 101 students will learn basic yoga postures, focusing on alignment, building strength, and developing mental focus. A great class for those new to yoga or for the experienced practitioner looking to refine his or her practice. Class = 60 minutes


U-Strong is unique to UYOGA and one of our signature branded classes. U-Strong is the next step after building primary foundations in U-Hatha and U-Core classes. Once alignment, balance and stability have been established, the body requires additional gains in strength, cardio-respiratory and functional movement. U-Strong is a fusion class incorporating heavier weights for strength, movement exercises for heart rate training and yoga flow patterns for flexibility. Mixed level 2-3. Not recommended for beginners

Sports Yoga

Finally a yoga-based class for Athletes! Looking to improve lower back and core strength? Increase range of motion and better your stability? This class is designed to build the foundations necessary for every Athlete. Utilizing blocks, bands and gliders this program curriculum will not only help prevent injury but enhance performance. A must take sports class for any age, gender or fitness buff looking to improve his or her game on or off the field! All levels 1-2-3

1 on 1 Personal Training

If you are trying Hot Yoga for the first time, we recommend beginning with U-Hatha Fusion or U-Core Foundation classes. Our traditional yoga classes are U-Hatha Fusion, U-Flow, and U-Yin.  Are you ready for non-traditional yoga classes? Try U-Core, U-Strong, or SportsYoga. Our Yoga programming is tailored for U, whether you’re just beginning or ready to challenge yourself further.

If you have any questions about our unique Yoga classes and how to make the best choices for you, please Contact Us! We are always happy to serve and provide you with a unique Yoga experience. Namaste!